A practical approach and drive to see things through to completion are invaluable when seeking alternative suggestions to create benefits or cost reduction: e.g.

A £15 million five-year rolling supply contract for 50+ cranes per year included an 85% first year buyback clause. This enabled my Group to have new machines every year that were always under warrantee and at a fraction of historic costs.

Commercial knowledge enabled us to remove historic “provision cost inclusions” in contracts where PC figures amounted to £3 Million each on five contracts per year.

We introduced reverse auctions to the UK Government and in their first competition saved £750,000 on a £1.1 million spend (66%) with an actual betterment of 80%.

The UK Government commissioned our team to undertake a £232 Million tender/auction in which we saved them over £100 million. (43%)

We were selected by UK Government to supervise a reverse auction for a £2 billion supply contract.

The savings created using our tender/reverse auction process amounted to hundreds of millions of pounds and averaged over 30% against historic costs. However it was the innovative commercial stance taken in competitions that
created the savings not the reverse auction software.

All of our team needed to seek savings by the way they structured the tenders and this came from “looking outside of the box”.

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