Cypha House is a musical incubus that serves as an agency, launching point and collective space for local, national, and international musicians. We exist as a medium to uplift the community and, ultimately, humanity through inspirational messaging and music. We assist in the launching of budding careers as well as granting seasoned artists opportunities to explore new possibilities.  We are dedicated to providing high quality artist development, collaboration, and opportunity and essentially, excellent music through recording opportunities and connections, avenues for product distribution, and events. Moreover, Cypha House is passionate about providing a powerful example and pathway to educate and entertain using the creative process to inspire expansion, evolution and elevation in order to consistently catapult to a higher level of consciousness.

Cypha House is designed to serve as a catalyst for artistic growth, exploration, and excellence. Our support, development, and environment provide our musicians with the opportunity to make music that entertains and enlightens. We allow for diverse forms of music and artistry, appealing to both older and younger generations. Cypha House is about bringing people and energy together. We are resurrecting an ancient sound and defining the sound of the future.  We are remembering and creating melody and lyrics that you can feel deep down in your soul. Cypha House provides music for your journey.  Ultimately, this is a sacred space for individuals, families, communities, nations and the world to vibrate higher.