CyWreck is a leading cybersecurity company committed to fortifying the digital landscapes of businesses across the globe. With a passion for staying ahead of cyber threats, we've developed comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that provide all-rounded protection for your valuable assets.  WreckBot, our cutting-edge AI product designed to revolutionize the way businesses approach cybersecurity. WreckBot is not just a tool; it's your digital shield against the most complex threats. It not only identifies vulnerabilities and threats in real time but also responds dynamically, offering solutions and fixes to keep your systems secure.  API Security Mastery: WreckBot ensures airtight security for digital connections by comprehending API intricacies, identifying vulnerabilities, and fortifying defenses against potential breaches. Network Sentinel: WreckBot acts as a vigilant guardian, monitoring network activities with precision, swiftly identifying and neutralizing cyber threats before they strike. Endpoint Guardian: Extending its protective reach, WreckBot secures every connected device with advanced threat detection algorithms, dynamically responding to emerging threats. Holistic Threat Resolution: Beyond detection, WreckBot is a threat resolution virtuoso, providing real-time mitigation strategies for issues across APIs, networks, and endpoints. AI-Driven Bug Fixer: WreckBot becomes a virtual companion for developers, utilizing AI to analyze coding patterns, anticipate vulnerabilities, and offer real-time bug fix suggestions. Autonomous Incident Response: Elevating incident response, WreckBot responds autonomously, applying pre-authorized fixes swiftly to minimize damage.  Bringing tech never seen before!  At Cywreck we can also help you with: > Application Penetration Testing > Code reviews  > Authentication and Authorisation  > Threat Modeling > Black Box Testing > Feature Reviews > Security Optimizations > Secure Architecture Review and Design