The dBHeard Publishing Group is a Kansas-based publishing firm. It specializes in entertainment marketing and distribution and is committed to using the latest technology to create and market its products.

Not Only Street Records in conjunction with the dBHeard Publishing Group! has mounted campaigns for relatively obscure Independent Music Artist that have resulted in their becoming known and sought out as major talent in their respective fields of industry.

Through the placement of articles in local and national publications, in conjunction with an advertising campaign, these Artist have achieved the recognition and place within the industry that would have taken many years to achieve without a public relations promotion.

Our service offer but are not limited to:

Artist Development, Management, Publishing & Booking.
Magazine, Radio Interviews & Placement.
ASCAP/BMI Performance Rights Assignment & Administration.
Music Production & CD distribution
Live Artist Showcases, Concerts & More

Currently, dPG-LLC distributes its most vested artists through Sony Music Entertainment, which owns The Orchard and RED, two of the three largest independent distributors in the U.S.


Our organization advocates for the rights and social integration of musical artists.

There’s just one thing missing: YOU.

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