dBVibroAcoustics is a consulting company founded by Denis Blanchet.  It focuses on Vibro-Acoustics simulation and noise control in automotive, aerospace, railway and marine industries.

Over the last 18 years, Denis Blanchet has designed, managed and contributed to numerous vibro-acoustics international projects across several industries either through technology transfer, consortia, Special Interest Groups (SIG), working groups, trainings or on a retainer basis.

Denis Blanchet has published over 50 technical papers on a wide variety of subjects and industry applications related to vibro-acoustics such as windnoise, speech intelligibility, sound package modeling and optimization, cabin noise, underwater sound radiation...

Get in touch with Denis at Denis.Blanchet@dBVibroAcoustics.com to benefit from his rich worldwide experience and creative thinking to efficiently address your noise challenges. Visit www.dBVibroAcoustics.com for application examples and testimonials.