Pamela D. Lyles is a self -published award winning cookbook author. Her first cookbook, Da Cajn Critter :The Lifestyles, The Rules, and Makin' Groceries won the 2008 USA Best Book News Award for Home Entertaining. The state of Louisiana has given the book the certification of "Certified Product of Louisiana."

"Da Critter" is a “gumbo” of Cajun, Creole,old family, friends, and personal recipes from New Orleans, Louisiana, all over the US, and even Italy. These are easy, simple recipes that use ingredients that can be found at any grocery store.

It is a way of life for someone who wants to eat good food, be with real people and make cooking simple and easy so you actually WANT to cook! It’s about breaking the rules and making cooking fun again. It’s your ticket to creating a great restaurant meal in the comfort of your own home.