DaCast offers the first fully integrated, self-service, live streaming platform. It allows publishers to start broadcasting in high quality and generating new revenues in 20 minutes. With an all-in-one solution and pay-as-you-go pricing, DaCast provides a more profitable system than other Internet-based services.

If you create, produce, own, distribute or syndicate video content, DaCast can help you broaden distribution and make more money.  Whether you’re a professional videographer, educational institution, infomercial producer, faith-based organization, or TV station, DaCast has the answer to better distribution and monetization of your content.

DaCast offers the first completely integrated online video streaming solution.  It provides a very easy-to-use, web-based service that allows you to easily broadcast your video content over the web and monetize it instantly.

DaCast combines a global content delivery network and an enterprise-class live streaming platform that allows for easy self-service, broadcasting and monetization over the internet within minutes.  You define the parameters for subscriptions, pay-per-view or advertising and choose how to make money with your target audience – DaCast provides the complete, self-service system with everything you need to make it happen.

It takes just four simple steps:  1) capture live events or stream existing video content; 2) engage your audience and broadcast to them; 3) monetize through your choice of payment system and then 4) measure results and continually improve your business.

Monetizing Your Streaming Video Content
DaCast provides several ways to easily monetize your video streams so you can focus on maximizing your revenues and marketing your content - not dealing with complex administration, payment and systems details.

Advertising:  DaCast is the only video streaming platform with an extensive inventory of ads for you to choose from.  The process is simple; just find the right ad using targeted keywords, select the format, frequency and placement and you’re ready to monetize your content.

Subscription:  If a provider has content such as featured events they want to broadcast periodically or on a set schedule, DaCast will allow your users to sign up for a subscription service. All you need to do is define the rates and payment schedule. DaCast’s Premium Manager will handle all the payments and transactions while you’ll collect new revenues every month.

Pay-per-view:   If you have a special event or one-time video stream you want to show to a specific audience, a pay-per-view price may be best for your viewers. In that case, all you have to do is specify the duration of the event/broadcast and the price you want to charge. Like the subscription model above, DaCast will handle all the payment transactions and security so you just collect the revenues.

Continually Improving Your Video Content Monetization
In addition to a completely integrated, online video streaming platform, DaCast also offers powerful analytics to help you improve your business.

DaCast Dashboard: offers a comprehensive in-depth set of analytics which display specific information about user demographics and viewing behaviors. It also provides insights into eCPM, channel usage, content referrers, PPV, subscriptions transactions and many other details.  All of this information is invaluable for content owners, educational institutions and TV stations to better monitor the performance of monetization models and maximize revenues.