Business model

DACHSER’s business model includes shipping logistics, warehousing, and customized value-added services. The Road Logistics Business Field is comprised of two business lines: European Logistics (industrial goods) and Food Logistics (foodstuffs). The second pillar of the company, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics, operates in global markets, providing air and sea freight services. Comprehensive activities, such as management of global supply chains and industry-specific solutions round out the range of services offered. By implementing DACHSER DIY-Logistics and DACHSER Chem-Logistics, the logistics provider has already made two such solutions available on the international logistics markets.

Business lines: Integrated services for global supply chains

The backbone of the company is the business line DACHSER European Logistics, a closely interlinked network of logistics facilities expanded throughout Europe. About 3,400 regular groupage shipping services per day interlink the company-owned branches in 23 countries, allowing customers to be promptly served in procurement and distribution. DACHSER’s entargo product line offers strictly defined transit times according to individual requirements, thereby ensuring uniform quality and service standards for groupage shipments throughout Europe. Furthermore, in its warehouses for industrial goods and in ten European locations for hazardous goods, DACHSER combines core shipping and warehousing services with extensive customized value-added services. The Cargoplus segment of services undertakes shipping that cannot be done through the groupage network. This includes pan-European full-load freight services for major customers within Europe and also in groupage and freight services to the CIS countries, the Maghreb, and Turkey.

With its integrated multi-user warehouses, the DACHSER Food Logistics Business Line covers all aspects of food logistics, from retail logistics to procurement and distribution logistics, to contract logistics. This business line moves a wide spectrum of temperature-sensitive foods, including meat and sausage products, dairy products, sweets, wines and spirits, convenience products, coffee, processed fish, and preserved food of all sorts.
At the European level, DACHSER is a founding member and system leader of the European Food Network, which links twelve partners and eight correspondents in 29 countries. Through its vivengo product line, the association of local market leaders in food logistics has established uniform standards for quality, service, and IT for cross-border food shipments.

Last but not least, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics represents global supply chains and will continue to develop its network of facilities throughout the world. DACHSER is positioning itself in the market as a network service provider offering global air and sea freight services. The network was gradually expanded in recent years from an agent network to an independent network to meet the customer’s requirements in terms of geographical reach and customer proximity. DACHSER differentiates itself from the global market leaders in this sector by providing personalized customer support. In order to maintain and further expand its strategic advantage in the future DACHSER is investing in integrated IT systems.

By interlocking the services of the air and sea organization with the overland freight network in Europe, DACHSER seeks ultimately as the lead logistics provider for global value-added networks for multinational customers.

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics Americas

The Business Unit DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics Americas with its Regional Head Office in Miami, Florida, has taken on the task of ensuring representation with branches and offices in the most important business centers, airports and seaports. DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics Americas, headed by Managing Director Guido Gries, currently operates 31 offices with more than 500 employees in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru and the USA. The goal is a seamless integration of import and export business moving by air or sea to and from Europe and Asia as well as between the USA and Central and South America.