Daddydown: Help your child fall asleep. So you can.

Having trouble getting your fussy baby to sleep at night or to relax on those longer car rides? Noise machines with fake, computer-generated sounds not doing the trick? Time to let Daddydown put your child to sleep tonight.

Introducing a new perspective on an ancient method of getting a baby to sleep—Daddy humming. Daddydown provides eleven sleep tracks featuring a deep male voice humming to timeless classics that will sooth a restless infant to sleep and help them stay asleep longer. These tracks can be downloaded to any phone or personal device for parents on the go.

Visit www.daddydown.com for more information and tips on how to help your baby (and you) sleep through the night. The full album or individual sleep tracks are available on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon Music.

Give the Daddydown album as a unique baby shower gift and help your friends and family members rest well.