Daeja Image Systems is the developer of the leading Java applet image viewers, ViewONE and ViewONE Pro. Daeja helps organizations from all vertical industries to deploy web based image/document viewing and mark-up. From financial institutions, engineering establishments, health service companies as well as a host of other sectors.

Our Java applet viewers integrate with basic HTML & JavaScript to deliver viewing, annotation & redaction of 300+ file formats including TIFF, PDF, Word & AutoCAD. There are over 500 built-in configuration options available. No user install is required producing a fast and easy roll out of the product. Per-server licensing, allows customers to benefit from reduced costs and a fast ROI. We believe we alone offer a truly affordable, scalable web-based viewing solution.

ViewONE Pro's 'add on' or 'plug in' Modules to increase the viewers functionality include the following: -

Universal Viewing Module:

Recent legislation has led companies to extend the range and age of records they store in their ECM and RM repositories. However, installing and maintaining various plug-ins or standalone viewers can require substantial administration time and expensive licensing. ViewONE Pro, and its Universal Viewing Module, automatically roll out to all web-based users with no installation and Daeja’s low-cost server licensing policy means no additional user license fees. The Universal Viewing Module adds viewing support for over 300 file formats including MS Office, AutoCAD, EPS and a wide range of other word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, engineering and graphics formats to ViewONE Pro’s existing support for PDF, TIF, JPEG and BMP

Permanent Redaction Server Module:

The Permanent Redaction Server Module works with the ViewONE Pro Annotations Module to deliver the permanent “burning-in” of redactions onto any document format supported by ViewONE Pro, a list which now includes TIFF, PDF, MS Word, Excel and AutoCAD. The module outputs a new TIFF or PDF file for storage within your ECM or RM system for safe distribution outside the organization.

Developed specifically in response to customer requests, the Permanent Redaction Server Module allows the original version of the document to remain unredacted, while a non-editable redacted version can be made available to those without appropriate security privileges to view to original.

Document Streaming Server Module:

If your users need to retrieve large multi-page PDF files from your web-based repository across a TCP/IP network, either remotely or in-house, the download delays and significant network traffic involved could be both frustrating and unnecessary.

The Document Streaming Server Module splits both multi-page TIFFs and PDFs on the server, on the fly, sending data for just the pages requested by the viewer rather than the entire document. This results in a significant reduction in data transfer and network traffic, while speeding up page viewing considerably. The split pages, individual TIFFs and PDFs, can be cached for future use for additional performance gains.

Annotations Module:

The Annotations Module for ViewONE & ViewONE Pro offers a large range of mark-up tools including text, highlights, redactions, sticky notes, lines, arrows and stamps. Annotations are stored outside of the original document, eliminating the need for versioning and storage of multiple copies of the document. Only the annotation data is returned to the server, reducing network traffic and server load.

Each annotation is individually configurable and security privileges can be applied at the document, page or even the individual annotation level. ViewONE and ViewONE Pro also support viewing of FileNet and Wang annotations, while ViewONE Pro allows support for native PDF annotations viewing (in conjunction with the PDF Module).