About Daffodil's Industrial Training Program

Daffodil's Industrial Training Program is an initiative to address numerous requests for technical training that we receive from students and their parents regularly. We also get a lot of such requests from relatives & friends of people in Daffodil. We understand the requirement of a training programme that increase employability of a person and bridge the gap between IT companies requirement and what people learn in their Engineering/MCA program. Although we cannot handle every such request, we have decided to train a select few for better future. We will be training some students starting Feb 2010 and Daffodil will recruit the top performers after successful completion of training.
After selection a candidate will have the option to be trained on one of the following technologies

  1. Java / Java EE
  2. .Net
  3. PHP

Eligibility criteria

   * Pursuing B Tech / MCA / BE / Msc Final year or have passed out
   * Basic programming knowledge (any language)

Selection Process

   * Candidate will be selected on the basis of a Written Test and Personal Interview.


   * 6 months - 5 hours a day, 5 days a week.


   * Daffodil Software Ltd, Plot no 11, Sector 33, Gurgaon

How it works?

  1. 2 weeks core programming concepts training
  2. You will be divided into teams and projects will be assigned.
  3. You will be starting with easier projects.
  4. 3 Small projects of around 15-30 days each.
  5. Complexity of projects will with each new project.
  6. Final project will be complex and will need to b completed in 2 months
  7. For each project - you will be provided
        1. Prerequisites of project
        2. study material related to project
        3. SRS of project
  8. You will be implementing projects with the help of team leads
  9. Side by side - you will be going through all other topics.
 10. To make sure that all students are placed within training, Placement Assistance will be started within the training period and not after its completion. If any of the students is placed before completion of training he/she is not required to complete training. Student will be provided with the statutory training certificate.


  1. Increases employability of the student
  2. Working on LIVE PROJETS so real life problems are faced
  3. Knowledge of 3rd party tools and integrated development environments is imparted
  4. Working on latest technologies rather than old techniques of professional training institutes
  5. Student gets a feel of corporate culture
  6. First chance of recruitment in Daffodil

On successful completion

   * You will get a training certificate from Daffodil
   * Top 10% trainees will get Job Offer from Daffodil Software Ltd
   * Next 20% trainees will be given 50% of the training fee as a reward of top performing candidates
   * All other candidates will be getting Placement Assistance.
   * A certificate of appreciation for candidate who have passed the program.

Fee Structure

   * Rs 30000/- (inclusive of service tax)

Visit us at : http://daffodilsw.com/about-training.html
Email : training@daffodilsw.com
Phone : 919996619992