Dagmar Gatell is an SEO expert and SEO strategist, certified SEO master, coach, trainer, and speaker. She is known for her passion guiding successful entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers, experts and speakers to build empires online and/or to attract a worldwide audience.

Fueled by a balance of left-brain strategy and deep intuitive awareness to see profitable online niches, Dagmar helps entrepreneurs through a well-developed SEO strategy plan to build an online audience that will not only attract the right visitors but also the targeted traffic ready to convert.

Dagmar works with her global clients to define the right formula and SEO marketing strategies to use SEO in a way that compliments their learning style, personality, and business goals.

She has been in the internet marketing industry since 2008. Her extensive knowledge and experience in the search engine optimization field has come over the last 6 years as she worked as an online marketing manager for an international company. Dagmar oversaw their in-house marketing team building dozens of niche related websites and web stores, before she started her own SEO coaching & consulting company in June 2012.

Dagmar’s mission is guiding entrepreneurs, coaches, trainers and speakers to fulfill their own dream of creating wealth (however they define this as freedom, money, prosperity, or many others) online by guiding them to become seen as a worldwide recognized authority in their field.