Wellness calls from Daily Care Call help you care for your aging loved-one. We deliver calling services to the elderly that provide personal greetings, uplifting daily messages, and help to manage their health and wellbeing.

Daily Care Call phones your loved-one each day. They’ll hear a personal greeting from you, followed by a daily message. Choose from Christian, Motivational, or Humorous.

With all the features of Daily Motivational Messages, Wellness Reminders go further to monitor that your Senior actually answered the phone and received the message. If your loved-one does not acknowledge the call, or if an answering machine picks up, we will try them two more times at specified intervals. If there is no response  after three attempts, Daily Care Call will send an email, text message, and/or phone call to a person you designated that your loved-one did not respond.

Daily Care Call phones your Senior to remind them to take their medications. We’ll call them up to three times each day as needed, plus weekly and monthly if desired, with your recorded reminder messages. Studies show that a leading cause of health issues for the elderly is their failure to take their medications at the proper times. Daily Medication Reminders helps your loved-one to maintain their health.

Daily Care Calls is used both by individuals and by organizations who care for the elderly.