Dakota Dog Products is an online retail shop that was established with your dog's comfort and safety in mind. We understand that whether you're home, working or running errands, you want your dog to be comfortable and safe. We carry products from leading manufacturers that address these concerns such as K&H Manufacturing, Midwest Metals , Precision Pet Products, Pet Dreams, Pet Gear, Petmate, North States, PSUSA, Richell's and Simpson's Ventures.

We specialize in comfortable living for your dog. Our products include plush dog beds and crate pads, durable dog crates and kennels, cozy bedding and cratewear and beautifully designed dog houses for when your dog is outdoors. For times when you need to confine your dog, for his/her own safety or maybe you have guests over, we have dog exercise pens and pet gates. We offer pet ramps for helping your dog get into larger vehicles such as SUVs and pet steps for assisting smaller or elderly dogs in getting on beds, sofas or other difficult to climb areas. We also offer strollers for smaller or elderly dogs that can't keep up with those morning walks.

We carry products for the young and active at heart and our less active, senior dogs with their special needs in mind. Our dog beds range from soft and cuddly to heated and orthopedic.  Our dog crates include a puppy package for our new addition to the family, as well as small, medium, large and extra large sizes to satisfy the needs of our adult and senior dogs. In addition, we have one, two and three door crates allowing easy access to your dog and more options for placement or storage. Our pet steps are perfect for assisting any dog in reaching hard to reach places and our pet strollers for taking our smaller or elderly dogs with us on our daily walks.

Dakota Dog Products is committed to providing quality pet products that enhance your dog's way of life and exceptional customer service.