Al Wahda Express Saudi is a subsidiary of Al Wahda Express Group in the United Arab Emirates (1986), Egypt (1991), Saudi Arabia (2003), Turkey (2007) and Palestine (2007). It is the leading group specializing in issuance of commercial directories for business sector in print and electronic products for more than 24 years in addition to that it is a member of the World Yellow Pages Association www.ypassociation.org. In mid of 2003, Al Wahda Express Saudi had started establish offices in Saudi Arabia and issuance of  Yellow Pages directories for Saudi Telecom Company (STC) since 2005G and until 2009 as (5) issues in a sequence (2005), (2006/2007), (2007/2008), (2008/2009) and (2009/2010). In 2010, Al Wahda Express Saudi has developed its business & produced its own commercial business Directory "Daleeli" (2010/2011), which is considered  the most widespread covering all sectors of business, industrial and services in the Kingdom. The company is producing, printing, marketing and distributing Daleeli free of charge. The directory is being issued in nine editions in Arabic and English for Central, Western, Eastern, and Northern Regions (with separate version in Arabic and another in English). The southern region is (a combined version in Arabic and English). In the next 7th edition 2011/2012, God willing, Northern Region edition will be also in combined Arabic and English version.