Ailes, a former fourth grade teacher from Central Elementary School in Portage, Indiana, has been working toward publication for three years while balancing a full time job and family life. Ailes has a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Purdue University North Central. He is currently attending Walden University to pursue his Master’s Degree in Higher Education. Ailes has been active in the community, including coaching for Portage Junior Miss Softball, and Portage Youth Basketball.

Set in Northwest Indiana, Asleep with One Eye Open is a contemporary story about a boy named Zander that endures a life of abuse. He is looking for a hero to save him, and looks to the ones he feels are the only ones that can, his teachers. Asleep with One Eye Open explores the steps that lead to the abuse and how it is handled, or mishandled, by the school. Asleep with One Eye Open is not only about the abuse, but also is about the whole process of surviving the abuse with a surprise ending.

The goal behind Asleep with One Eye Open is to create a story about child abuse that varies from other novels on this topic. Most books about child abuse are telling what happened to the abused child. Dale S. Ailes created this story to address the events leading up to the abuse to how the child is saved.