Dali Van Gogh Music (DVGM) is a new Halifax based company founded by Dali Van Gogh lead guitarist Isaac Kent, running Label Operations, Radio Promotion, Digital Distribution, Recording, Mixing and Mastering, Live Performance, Artist Management, Graphic Design, and Social Media Development.

“Over the years with the many bands I've worked with, I've amassed a long list of radio, press, and booking contacts, not to mention tens of thousands of dollars in recording equipment,” said owner/operator Kent. “As many out there know, Dali Van Gogh is currently looking for a new vocalist. While we continued that process, I suddenly found I had all this extra free time and thought why not put my eight plus years of experience and contacts to use helping out some of the top talent in the city. Next thing I know I've got interest from rock bands, folk bands, metal bands, rappers. You name it. It has boomed quicker then I ever imagined. Apparently a lot of people believe in me.”

DVGM specializes in an extremely personal touch. Tailoring every contract to the specific needs and means of the artist signing. Each contract is written in both a plain English and a legal form for ease of reading and understanding, and owner Isaac Kent personally overseas many of the operations himself. “While I do have business partners who handle some aspects of the company, I tend to be extremely hands on. If I decide I want you on my label, no chance am I throwing you to the wolves. I'm very invested in my work and the bands I work with. I will do everything I can to make sure we achieve as much as we can together.”