Speech-Language Therapy is just the beginning at DRLS! We provide comprehensive evaluations for speech-language and reading, with a detailed report that includes specific therapy goals, and a Parent Consultation to explain it all.

Our therapy is tailored to each child's needs, while taking advantage of their strengths and interests. Whether the child is 3 or 18, therapy is structured to make a huge difference in his or her life, at home and at school. Reading programs are integrated into the student's therapy as appropriate, for decoding, comprehension and spelling. If desired, we can design a home program and teach parents how to practice new skills at home -- a great option for home-schooling families!

Whatever the challenge, we never forget that every child has great potential! At Dallas Reading and Language Services we work with pre-school and school-aged children. Our therapy and use of reading programs greatly improve our student's speech, language and reading skills. Our therapeutic approach helps a child change how he or she processes sounds and language. Speech therapy is provided by a licensed and board certified Speech-Language Pathologist (speech therapist), co-treatment may also be provided by a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant, under the direct guidance and supervision of a Speech-Language Pathologist.

Our services with pre-school age children is also multi-sensory and greatly improves their speech and language skills. Our therapy with pre-schoolers is provided within a context of literacy and learning basic concepts. Many of these students have speech-language delays and/or articulation errors and other speech problems. As our younger clients progress into kindergarten they are screened for possible reading problems.

Dallas Reading and Language Services uses the Speech Cue Card Program for Early Reading Intervention from Pre-School through First Grade. This program pairs speech sounds with hand cues and the matching letter. Speech Cues are also used during speech therapy to train and elicit target sounds. This has been especially helpful for young students who have apraxia or phonological disorders. Students easily shift from using Speech Cues in speech-therapy to sequencing the sound cards for early reading.

Dallas Reading and Language Services uses the Lindamood-Bell® reading programs LiPS®, (LindaMood-Bell Phoneme Sequencing®), and Seeing Stars®, which is an integrative approach to reading and spelling. All of these reading programs are multi-sensory methods of learning. We integrate reading instruction into school-age children's speech or language therapy. All children have individualized goals which are addressed during each session, and updated monthly in a written report to parents.

We also address both language and reading comprehension through therapy aimed at improving the child's visual imagery and language processing skills. This is done through traditional language therapy and use of the Linda-Mood Bell® program Visualizing and Verbalizing®.

Mental imagery is an important part of efficient language processing, and a very useful tool to engage in writing composition.

If a child does not qualify for speech-language therapy but would still benefit from this program, we offer Academic Language Tutoring on a private pay sliding scale basis.