The Best Of The Obscure Perfume World!  
Here at Damask Moon we specialize in perfume & jewelry inspired by our ancestry of magick and our own obscure personalities. Home of our famous Fang Fragrance Collection with gothic vampire inspiration. Our Enchanted & Goddess Collections also have become very popular. We have been providing our customers with exceptionally high quality products & gifts for many years.

Why Choose Damask Moon Perfume?
Damask Moon is not your typical perfume company both in concept or in quality. Damask Moon is an experience of the obscurity and magick that we all hold. We create unique designer blends to fit your own unique personality.

Damask Moon ~ Alchemy Oils™
Awakening Ancient Mysteries Thru The Alchemy of Scent.™
Alchemy is much more than the notions of turning metals into gold. Simply put - Alchemy is an ancient spiritual path of purification and transformation. We practice this archaic philosophy with each of our unique perfume blends. Much like an artist standing before a blank canvas, our perfume artistry first commences with an emotion or concept. There is a narrative the emerges from deep within, uniting soft swirls of fragrant notes to generate fascinating tales expressed through the scent itself.  Like a well told tale, each fragrance holds a beginning, middle and end. In perfumery these varying tones are expressed as the top, middle and base notes. Thru this multifaceted blending process is where our art of fragrance and transformation comes into being. From a single fragrant note we aim to transform the essence of the scent itself into a true sentiment, invoking a particular tone, feeling or connection associated with each of our unique creations.

Damask Moon Blend Artist & Owner Charity Holly, has been developing specialized artisan perfume oil scents for over 15 years now. Our Alchemy Oil creations contain both fragrance and essential oils which make up each unique blend plus superior carrying oil to make them body safe. Each of our products are handcrafted fresh to order in our studio right here in the USA.

Our unique Alchemy Oil perfume blends are handmade fresh to order, highly refine, ultra concentrated, long-lasting and alcohol free! They combine with the unique oils in your skin making each creation unique to you! We feel when you begin with top quality ingredients the final product is always exceptional… experience the Damask Moon difference today!