Damibu is a consultancy and developer in the digital and creative industry that creates high quality, unique and on-time mobile solutions.

Damibu specialise in Connected and Processor Intensive iPhone and Facebook Applications. Building advanced integrated projects which traverse multiple hardware/software platforms to give wider accessibility and audience.

Damibu was founded in 2010 by Dave Burrows BEng MSc, a Software Systems Engineer with over 18 years experience creating sustainable development pipelines and expandable software systems in the high demanding interactive computer games industry.

Before forming Damibu, Dave Burrows was 10 years at Sony Studio Liverpool, an internal studio of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE). For the last 2 years he was the Northwest Studio Groupʼs “PlayStation Network (PSN) Technical Director”. PSN is the online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service provide by Sony. It is also concerned with allowing players to communicate between each other and externally to web platforms such as Facebook.     His role included advising on best practices, suggesting new features and advocating - to Europe, America and Japan - project requests from the 3 studios that make up the Northwest Studio Group.

During this time, he was also in charge of all technical aspects of the AAA title WipEout for the PlayStation console systems being Lead Programmer on PS2 and PSP and Technical Director for PS3. In 2005 he received SCEEʼs European Programmer of the Year for his work as Lead Programmer on WipEout Pure on PSP which also gained Liverpool Studio a Develop award for Best Mobile Games Studio. He is internationally respected in the games industry and was a BAFTA judge in 2009 for the “Technical Achievement” category.