Dr Damp Cyprus was launched after the success of the UK business successfully installing damp proofing systems in over 10,000 properties for the last 14 years. Cyprus properties suffer from a number of damp issues such as rising damp, penetrating damp, condensation and mould.
Having wet or damp walls can have a harmful effect to your property, if untreated the property will decay and the problem will become severe. Also at risk is your health as moisture can create mould which can become airborne and when inhaled you can experience problems such as asthma. Most at risk are the older generation and young children.
The Dr Damp System create airflow in the wall allowing it to breathe and naturally dry out. Once dry the wall will stay dry and no longer have damp problems. As well as our bricks for damp solutions we also have dryair systems, cream injection systems, exterior paint systems and a full maintenance service. We are here to identify the cause and install a solution,  with no mess just an experienced professional service.