D&B Technologies has over fifty years of combined experience in the plastics-pelletizing industry. We provide our customers with engineered solutions through problem solving. Our combination of Engineering, Sales, Service, Manufacturing, and hands-on Process experience helps us to provide higher customer satisfaction than the larger “Original Equipment Manufacturers” (O.E.M.).

D&B can provide a variety of standard and custom engineered quality manufactured replacement parts for your plastics processing machinery.

We specialize and are experienced in:
• On site equipment and process evaluation
• Die plates: New dies, rework, and replacement wear faces
• Pelletizer knives: standard and customized
• Sealants: standard and high temperature
• Insulation: standard and high temperature
• Heaters: cartridge, band, and other
• Pressure gauges, melt transducers / transmitters, flow meters, and other process monitoring devices
• Other custom engineered replacement parts
• Increased wear and corrosion resistant parts
• Parts stocking programs, we will stock it so you won’t have to

If you are currently having quality, pricing, or delivery problems, contact D&B Technologies today. Give us the opportunity to quote these parts and the opportunity to eliminate those problems. Let our expertise provide you with economical, longer lasting replacement parts to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

D&B Technologies was established to provide profitable solutions through problem solving. We recognize that our customers are the foundation of business and we will always be committed to serving our customers’ needs