Daniel Bauer is an internationally renowned, high school youth motivational speaker who is breaking barriers and inspiring youth to never give up and dream big. In 2002 he had a promising career as an internationally respected escape artist and when diagnosed with a chronic illness he was told his dreams would never come true. He has endured heart-breaking loss, has embraced personal survival and has become triumphant over living with chronic illness, depression, homelessness, addiction and a near fatale suicide attempt. Today he shares his miracle-like journey of hope with tens of thousands of high school students and healthcare professionals around the globe.

He has been a featured speaker at schools and universities such as Brooklyn Technical High School, Staten Island Technical High School, Murray Bergtraum High School, University of Memphis, University of Minnesota, Ferris State University and hundreds more. He has also been featured at international and national conferences and summits including the National Healthy Living Summit, The International Conference on HIV/AIDS and STIs, the Texas State-wide HIV/HEI Case Management Conference and so many more.

Daniel has reached personal milestones including returning the stage with his highly acclaimed off-Broadway success: Beyond Belief. And he is soon to be a published author with his book titled, Beyond Belief: Escape to Survival.

He is currently working on planning a 12 U.S. City speaking tour, and another return to off-Broadway. His hope is to raise the funds to attend urban schools that desperately seek potent, life-changing speakers however do not have the budget to bring speakers in. Project Beyond Belief is a life-changing tour to bring his message of hope to these youth and community theaters.