To define what I do in this context requires a short introduction about me, my upbringing, and some history. I will use this platform to tell you what lagniappe is.

"Lagniappe: a little something extra given with a purchase. A premium. This tradition is still observed in New Orleans culture and dates back to Normandy, France and Acadia, Canada. When driven out by the British the Acadians brought to New Orleans this generous practice. In selling grain to customers it was placed in a woolen cloth, known as nappe.

To compensate the buyer for grain caught in the nappe the seller would through in a couple handfuls from his supply without charge saying, "c'est pour la nappe," meaning that which was caught in the cloth. By giving this extra service to the purchaser a satisfied and repeat customer was often assured. Lagniappe is a word that is heard frequently in New Orleans. A number of business people still give it to their customers."

To me, lagniappe means everything else or everything but the kitchen sink. I create, evaluate, or fix your website, design graphics for the web and for print (logos, any correspondence or promotional materials), speed up your computers, create social networking campaigns, setup and teach you how to blog, and get attention via thinking OUTside of the box.

If you need someone to help you design your workplace, teach you how to use your technology, cook a great meal for a party, or setup your blackberry, I AM your woman. There is a solution for every problem and there is a way around costs. What I require is some flexibility and your trust to take a breath and a leap. If you do not like something I am working on, give me your feedback. The best work is done when a synergy exists between a client and myself. I want to hear your feedback and make changes.I do not take it personally. When something need tweaking. For me, this is an opportunity to learn, connect, and work as a team to be positive that the end result is what YOU want and need.