Dan Lirette – Moncton IT Consultant (DanTek Solutions)

Dan Lirette is a lifelong resident of Moncton NB and is owner of both DanTek Solutions as well as Moncton Web Hosting, providing computer repair, data recovery, file backup, web design, hosting and more to Greater Moncton Area residents and local businesses seeking full featured IT Service.

Having launched out in the entrepreneurial field in 2008, Dan has gained a solid client base and has steadily expanded his service offerings to both residential and business customers in the Greater Moncton Area and beyond.

Dan Lirette is a competitive force in his field with no signs of slowing down. In short, Dan provides his clients with personalized service which caters to their growing needs.. and we invite you to contact Dan Lirette at www.danteksolutions.com to see what he can provide you with in the areas of repair, recovery, design, etc.

In addition to the above, Dan is always willing to answer any questions you may related to his field of industry… do be sure to contact him with any questions you may have or to inquire on any services you believe that he may be able to provide you with.