Danny John is Australia's foremost Guitar virtuoso....Alan Alvarez (president, WOA Records).

A little background info: Danny grew up in Canberra Aus, he first picked up a Guitar at the age of Eight.

Self taught and after the basic musical education that Danny received at Secondary School he decided it was time to take his music to the stage. Immediately, there were favourable responses to Dan's music and ability to yield the AXE. Danny was invited to perform at the inaugural young composers festival, he was the youngest composer/performer at the event.

Danny spent the next few years honing his skills and diversifying his approach.

The next step was to drop everything and move to where else but Hollywood.

At the musicians institute Danny soon earned a reputation of being one of the top players, along with such virtuosos as Rafael Moreira and Ernesto Homeyer. Danny found himself being truly inspired by his comrades which led to his style and approach evolving.

After a three year tenure at the Musicians Institute in Hollywood, Danny had arrived. Having studied under, played and recorded with the likes of Brett Garsed, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson, Jean Marc Belkadi, Gary Willis, Art Renshaw etc, Danny returned to Australia where he has enjoyed periodic stints with some of Australia’s finest.

In Australia, Danny has shared the stage with Vanessa Amarossi, Dan Hall, Simon Cox, Jerome Smith, Ian Jones, Al Britton, Jim Finn & Adam Pringle, to name just a few.

Danny was a founding member of the progressive power fusion trio EGH who have received rave reviews and significant airplay the world over.


It's About Time: EGH Band, Let's Eat Records (2002).

Three Days: Danny John Trio, Yo Mutha Records (2007).

World independent No 1's: WOA Records (2009).


Mr Twister: Danny John Trio, WOA Records (2010).

THREE DAYS Independent Reviews:

Amazing....Super, Great......Jean Marc Belkadi (GIT, Recording Artist, and Guitar Teacher to the stars).

Danny, your tone and playing are amazing....Eric Sagardia (Guitar Vital Remains).

Wow great energy and rhythm, fantastic Guitar solos....Roberto Agnese (Roza Guitars).

Your music is sensational, you have some serious talent there.....(The Chestnuts).

Wow you guys, Great music all around, but the song, `Stain` is completely killer. Some of the best guitars we’ve heard in a long while which is very refreshing. Take care and all the very best from www.THEBEAT.fm Supporting Independent Music - In The Mix

Sep 30, 2007 9/29/2007: This is really good. But is more of what I would call progressive rock. A heavy rock backbone, surrounded by several tasty passages. I love instrumentals...all feelings and emotions are well translated by all players. So...no twerpy comments about no vocals from me. Give a listen to the Dixie Dregs (Steve Morse). These guys are excellent musicians... Cross over ? Hit potential ? Playing what you feel to the best of your ability is what it’s all about.

Not catering to the media, and compromising ones vision. Success comes from the inside more often than the outside. I got respect for that... Scarry Garcia
Good fusion track really, good playing. It’s just not mainstream in any way. But a small group of more refined listeners will be thrilled. Armageddon

9/1/2007: Wooow...! Joe Satriani, Michael Schenker, Steve Vai - step aside.
This has so much power!! EricMendez

5/30/2007: Wow, that goes off like a rocket!

1/1/1900: Fans of Joe Satriani and co would love this! Very well played, boogies like Satch.

you do have to appreciate the paying here. There are some excellent guitar phrases, which sets it apart from the norm. Well played, well mixed. Nice one. KenMorrison

1/1/1900: An exciting piece of instrumental guitar rock that would fit any motor racing show. It has a clever time signature change in the middle 8 of the tune and reminded me a little of Jeff Beck at his most rockiest! Good job! Imirrorshow

9/15/2007: When this gets going, some dynamite playing is on display for sure, with both feet firmly in the Joe Satriani camp of shredism

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