Our Company
Founded in 2011, RaviLights defines the current state of LED lighting technology with continuous innovations in light output, efficacy and thermal management. These results are directly related to the company’s ongoing commitment to advancing solid-state lighting technology and enabling lighting solutions that are more environmentally friendly and help reduce CO2 emissions, the dominant GHG contributor to global warming. RaviLights’ high-power LED solutions continue to enable widespread adoption of LED lighting applications that were once considered impossible.

RaviLights "spirit of innovation" continues today through its ongoing alliance with Innovation Machines, a leader in LED product design since 2005. Illumination Machines recently introduced their TrueSparkle™ clear omnidirectional optical technology and their IMAdvance™ series of high luminance LED light engines.  More about Illumination Machines can be found at www.illuminationmachines.com.

Our Mission
To provide innovative LED lighting technologies, exceptional quality and unparalleled service that consistently delights our customers. This commitment to continually bring value to our customers’ products will be rewarded with their enduring loyalty.

With the introduction of its Pro™, Rival™, Prismatic™, Flame™ and Tradition™ Series product lines, RaviLights addresses ultra high brightness white lighting applications that meet the growing need to replace conventional lighting with LEDs for general illumination. RaviLights’ products will be used by numerous lighting designers in myriad installations and lighting fixtures throughout the world.

RaviLights corporate headquarters are in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA, (between Princeton and Philadelphia) which also houses its dedicated R&D labs and manufacturing operations. Sales offices are located throughout the world.