DaoChi Energy of Arizona is a division of Williamson
Information Technologies Corp., an Arizona company engaged in a
variety of fields.  DaoChi Energy is involved in the development
of biofuels technologies and innovation, and acts as a consultant
to others in the field.  Areas of expertise include CCS (Carbon
Capture and Sequestration) and cultivation of microbial energy
sources including oil extraction, and processing for vehicle
fuels, airplanes and power generation.  Their African initiative
called, “Re-Upholster Africa” forms ad hoc alliances and
consortiums in pursuit of its goals for a thousand (or more)
“islands of independent green energy sources” to provide electric
power and biofuels to underdeveloped portions of not only Africa
but the rest of the world as well.  Williamson Information
Technologies Corp. is a privately held small business located in
Peoria, Arizona, U.S.A.

Stafford “Doc” Williamson is President and CEO of DaoChi
Energy of Arizona (a division of Williamson Information
Technologies Corp.) and of Williamson Information Technologies
Corp. He is a well known internet columnist (American Chronicle
news syndicate http://www.americanchronicle.com/authors/view/1059#articles )
and blogger (The Idea Circus: http://lifestyle.psyrk.us ) who was
born in Canada.  He obtained a B.F.A. degree from the University
of Calgary and is currently a resident of Arizona and a U.S. citizen.  
Mr. Williamson has held over 50 different “jobs” in the course of
his career.  His role as President of DaoChi Energy of Arizona is
not restricted to only administrative and executive functions.
It includes design and creation of devices and technologies to
enhance the energy industry in general and the biofuels area in
particular.  Mr. Williamson is the author of several books (all
available on Amazon http://amzn.to/dJyaOC  ) including the
immodestly titled, “The Day I Changed the Shape of the Universe”
about a new way of looking at sub-atomic “space”.

Contact/Interview Contact:  Stafford “Doc” Williamson, President,
DaoChi Energy of Arizona
Ph. 866-407-5359
Ph. 623-566-5917
Skype: (voice and video) stafford.doc.williamson

More Books by Stafford “Doc” Williamson  http://amzn.to/gb0f1V
Video Resources:  http://www.youtube.com/daochienergy