We are a heart-led agency, and we love our clients. They are conscious and ethical brands, inspirational thought leaders, and cruelty-free, fair-trade, eco-friendly, natural, and organic producers. They are change makers in various industries, such as food & drink, B2B, fashion & beauty and e-commerce, and offer conscious, environment-friendly and ethical products and services. They are warriors of positive change.

At Dare PR, we are a mindful business at core.  We take pride in nurturing a genuine connection with our team, our clients and the media. We always put mental health and wellbeing first. We also have a passion for authentic, compelling stories that serve a meaningful purpose, whether online, print or broadcast, and we work hard at spreading your message.

Our agency was founded by Jennifer Hakim, a PR consultant for the mindful living industry in 2015 (you may have seen us under the name Jennifer Hakim Communications back in the day).

Daré means giving in latin. But it also means being bold, and having enough courage to take action. It means defying challenges and obstacles along the way. Our clients are brave and generous, and so are we.

We believe in promoting positive and impactful change, strong values and business ethics, as well as social and environmental care. So if you're doing something right for the world and the people living on it, we want to help spread the word!