Dariush Sakan (born June 22, 1981 in Maku, Iran)
Kurdish singer and musician.
Dariush Sakan started playing at the age of 20 and started singing in 2019.
His first music video in 2019 with the
lyrics of Mr. Behnam Manda and the arrangement of Mr. Afshin Shokri was broadcast exclusively on the Kurdmax tv global network.
His real name is Daryoush Sakanlou, who is known by the pseudonym Dariush Sakan on social media.
His best songs can be mentioned as Yara min song in 2019 ٫ Ser mala veda2021 ٫ Gharibi ٫ 2022 ٫ Kani Kani ٫ 2022 Sipan Khalat 2022..
Dariush Sekan is very popular among Iranian Kurdish singers. And most of his fans are Kurds from Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria