Dark Roast Releasing is a new breed distribution company founded in 2010 by Jeffrey Alan Miller and Sean-Michael Argo. Both veterans of the film distribution industry, they have formed Dark Roast Releasing with the intention of launching a company that is on the forefront of the emerging modern independent film distribution model. With a focus on direct to customer sales & marketing and maintaining an interactive relationship with the fans of our films, Dark Roast Releasing intends to be a small yet robust company that can adapt to new technologies and an ever-changing market.

Sounds pretty awesome doesn't it? We thought so.

Here's the truth:

Its tough being an indie film company, and when you spend as much time being the underdog as we have, you learn to appreciate the little things. Fans like to interact, they want to know that their favorite filmmakers and actors are real people too, and the same goes for a company like ours that presents independent films to fans. We love what we do, its certainly not for the money. We think that keeping independent cinema alive is important, so we do our best to kick ass being salesman of the films in our catalog. We believe that people want to have a choice, that people want to see more than the top 40 blockbusters, so here we are with some tasty options. Check the catalog page, make some choices.