BEATTHEDART.COM a member of the Dartline Financial Group of companies,  privately held investment and financial information researcher and publisher, providing the financial services industry and individual investors with business news, investment ideas and information on publicly traded companies.

Since 2006 our BEATTHEDART.COM portal has presented  fully automated, proprietary algorithms and platforms, known as the Subjective Probability Model (SPM) + Game Theory PRO matrix, which constantly monitors the best investment and trading candidates from a SPM master list to determine the most likely stocks to act within specific parameters  and circumstances to maximize your capital resources.  

Since our matrix calculates its findings without the questionable emotional characteristics of direct human intervention, the results are superior to conventional applications. Indeed, since 2006, SPM+Game Theory PRO achieved the highest performance with a success quotient greater than 85%.

We proffer our matrix and data flow on a subscription basis with delivery through a variety of e-media and customary media outlets.  Inquire today and start to enjoy the benefits of the best there is.