DASHWORLDS specializes in providing the widest range of fully personalized Internet domain names, totally free, through its global infrastructure.

DASHWORLDS also provides free URL, IP and DNS forwarding via a personalised control panel that will enable users to publish and launch their websites immediately. Coming soon, other free features such as dash-com email, instant email, website design, upgraded website hosting as well as data storage.

In an overcrowded and overpriced Domain Names market with nearly 200 million, mostly forgettable, DOT Domains already registered, isn't time you tried a DASHCOM?

DASHWORLDS has now linked up with other ISPs such as DOTNOTE and SPOILTCOW, also accessible via DOTWORLDS, to offer the newly released "DASH-COM" domains to the public totally free. Previously unheard of names such as "global-com" and "radio-net" can now be registered. The very best in Internet and website addresses are available again.

For further details please see any of the following websites:


Dashcom overview on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4OdyIes3MM