Delivering Investment Intelligence to the Investment Community

Our Partners include: Microsoft, Advent Software and ACA Compliance Group.

Data Agent assists a wide range of financial institutions with their day-to-day mission-critical data management challenges. Our customers encompass the largest worldwide investment firms, large fund-of-fund managers, hedge funds, fund advisers, fund administrators, and major single- and multifamily private wealth managers. We have the knowledge and expertise to help financial institutions manage the complexity of their data, their analytics, and their compliance reporting needs.

Our Solution: Data Agent offers highly targeted business intelligence capabilities tailored for the unique needs of the investment industry. Each of Data Agent’s sector solutions shares the following key components:

  Data Integration - Data extraction, transformation, and loading.
  Data Mart - Security master, unified data architecture, data rules.
  Data Analytics - Advanced analytics, portfolio management, visualization.
  Data Reporting - Executive reporting, sales & marketing, report builder, web services,  and compliance filing.

We have developed sector-specific solutions and expertise for global institutional investment firms, private wealth management firms, hedge funds, and fund-of-funds managers. All Data Agent’s data management solutions are built on the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform, allowing for rapid development, flexibility in data management, ease of analytics, and an unmatched time-to-value model.

Providing End to End Client Support Capabilities:

Data Agent supports each client with a dedicated implementation team, thorough product training and the online resources to support the unique requirements of your business. Our sector-specific teams have the knowledge to deliver solutions on time and on budget, ensuring a best-in-class time to value.

Providing Implementation Services:

Our professional services team offers a wide range of services that are critical to the success of your operation. From product implementation and integration to workflow analysis to custom application development, Data Agent delivers value-added services and customized solutions that streamline your operations and enable new business capabilities.

Implementation services include:

   Data architecture services
   Data conversion and reconciliation
   Testing support
   Work flow analysis and process optimization
   Project monitoring
   Implementation project management
   Custom application development and systems integration
   Custom report creation

Providing Client Relationship Management:

Data Agent’s client service managers are experienced financial and technical experts who will help you get the most out of our solutions. Your client services manager will work closely with you to optimize your technology investment and to achieve your business objectives.

Providing Training:

Data Agent trainers offer an extensive curriculum designed to provide you and your staff with the knowledge you need to maximize your Data Agent solution. Our training is conducted on site at your premises once the solution is installed and tested.

Providing Online Resources:

You can easily locate the support and release documentation you need directly from the Data Agent website via our client log-in.


Deep Understanding of the Complexities of Data Management and Integration

Our experience serving some of the largest and most demanding financial institutions has provided us with a unique set of data management capabilities and competencies, which we bring to each client.

Data Agent’s core competency lies in integrating data from a wide range of disparate databases, including but not limited to real-time market sources, trade order management, portfolio and partnership accounting, and broker and custody feeds. We help our clients transform their data into information necessary for key decision making and data management.

In today’s environment, where managers, investors, and regulators demand controlled, audited processing around key investment data, Data Agent has the tools and capabilities to give organizations the ability to demonstrate and deliver high-quality results accurately and efficiently on a consistent basis.

Years of Practical Real-World Experience:

Our team of developers, analysts, and financial industry professionals has extensive real-world experience in investment data management, analytics, reporting, and investment operations. Our employees have hands-on experience in major investment banking, private wealth management, fund of funds, and hedge funds, with the talent and knowledge to understand the needs of your business and the ability to help you solve your most demanding requirements.