What Is Data Entry Pakistan?

Data Entry Pakistan is a company that provides online writing and promoting jobs to people who have a passion for writing and want to make a name for yourself as a writer. We syndicate content for publisher and websites across the globe. In doing so we require huge quantity of quality articles written for global readership.  We already have hunderds of people working for us as writers and promoters but we still need more, so regardless of whether you are a student looking for a part time job, a senior citizen who wants to share wise words, or a professional who wants to contribute, we have all the jobs for you.

What Work Do You Have To Do?

We provide jobs in two major categories, writing and promotion.

Writing: If you have a flair for writing, good grammatical skills and a desire to express yourself in words, then we warmly welcome you to be part of our talented writing team. All you have to do is write articles. No research, no extra load, just WRITE!

Pay Out Rate:  For each article that you do for us, we will payout an average rate of 70/- Rs. per 500 word article re-writen and if you happen to be an eager worker, we will provide you with a tempting bonus at the end of the month, depending upon the target you select for yourself. 70 Rs./ article flat rate is only for occasional writers. Following is payout schedule for regular writers.

and so on... There is no limit on number of articles you can attempt in a month or a day. How much you want to earn is upto you.

We pay our workers before the 5th of every month and because we are never short of work, you can always expect to earn maximum, by just writing!

Promote:  If writing is not your cup of tea, you can simply PROMOTE!  All you have to do is promote articles on social networking sites. We will provide you with all the tools necessary for this job.

Pay out Rate: For every article link that you promote we pay from 0.50 paisa to 10.0 Rupee (PKR) per link bookmarked/posted to social site, depending upon the site that the link is posted to. And we have over 100 thousand links for you to promote and it is the  easiest  way to earn money online world.

By the way, if you have a knack for both, you can be both, our WRITER & PROMOTER!
Got questions? Call our live chat or drop us a note on the contact details provided.