Datamatics Business Solutions Ltd. (DBSL) is a global provider of intelligent Business Process Management (iBPM) services to several Fortune 500 companies. Datamatics is a 35+ year old organization, headquartered in Mumbai, Asia. The 1,500+ employees strong company has presence across Americas and Europe.

Operational processes are well connected using Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to enable intelligent data delivery. ‘We deliver. Guaranteed.’ -  our mantra is proven across multiple verticals and worldwide. Datamatics provides an end-to-end Demand Generation, Database Solutions, Research & Analytics, Payroll, Finance & Accounting, and Contact Centre Solutions.

Datamatics’ customized solutions enable growth in top-line revenue through demand generation, quicker action using relevant and real-time database solution, enable tactical and strategic business decisions based on Research and Analytics, enhance operational efficiencies and financial control from spend analytics reports, achieve operational targets with compliance in taxation, drive multi-channel customer delight and accurate payroll processing through our iWebhr technology.