Founded in 1998, DataMentors, Inc. is staffed by industry veterans with proven success in designing and developing database marketing solutions.

DataMentors provides a suite of technologically advanced and customer approved data quality software solutions that help companies identify, cleanse, standardize, match, analyze, and manage business and customer information. The company’s mission is to deliver a total database solution derived from a solid data quality foundation. DataMentors' products and services are targeted toward marketing and/or IT professionals to:

- Build clean, centralized, consistent marketing data mart or data warehouses, where the need to identify, link, and standardize customer records (at the product, account, customer, business and relationship level) from multiple disparate back office systems is the issue.

- Perform intelligent analysis of cleansed data in order to segment, cross-sell, up-sell and mine the customer base.

- Segment and execute marketing campaigns (mail, email, print, etc.) targeted at existing and prospective clients.

- Analyze campaign responses and associated research.

DataMentors' suite of products include DataFuse, PinPoint, NetEffect, ValiData, DataPoint, and DMConsulting Services.

DataMentors’ DQ solution, DataFuse , incorporates highly sophisticated algorithms that enable in-depth data validation, data profiling, data scrubbing, data standardization, data cleansing and data householding of corporate data from individual or multiple and disparate databases.

DataMentors’ BI Analytics solution, PinPoint , was created to help businesses maximize the performance of their cleansed databases; enabling better identification and understanding of customer characteristics, individual nuances, and purchasing traits.

DataMentors’ NetEffect™ , a “real-time” web service, allows companies to manage data, not only as batches, but also on a transactional basis, making the service ideally suited for a variety of both security and target marketing applications.

DataMentors’ EPR solution enables companies to examine previous customer and product activities and/or events and current “influencers” from thousands of external data resources in order to provide more targeted insight into potential actions necessary for immediate and future engagements.