DATAPACIFIC Corporation is a software development company with a vision to provide reliable, secure, stable, maintainable and easy-to-use package and custom-developed IT solutions to small and medium-sized Philippine companies.

Started as DATALINE Philippines in 1991, the solutions we provide then, still being used today, stand the test of time -- a proven legacy of soundness of design, stability and continuity of support. This is enriched by more than 100+ customer and over 200+ cross-industry "best business practice” implementation experience.

In 2001, we pioneered the "Surfing & Browsing" approach to simplify web-based applications when we implemented the mission-critical domestic network next-day-door-to-door system for one of the country's pioneer courier service provider. We did it without traveling to any of the 32 provincial branches outside Metro Manila – a solid testament to its user-friendliness.

And in 2003, we developed the Campus++, an end-to-end fully integrated campus management application that took advantage of our rich and diverse experience, and provided us with reasonable exposure in the education sector for the last 7 years.

Although we are still supporting legacy Clipper, FoxPro and Visual Basic -based clients, our current technology involves extensive thin-client web-based remote and intra-window scripting using the Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache, Javascript, Java, DHTML and similar technologies. On top of this web technology stack, we built our own Biometric validation over-the-web, SMS/Text gateway work-flow-integration, and auto-email capability, transforming our products into total collaboration platforms. Truly, it is now beyond ERP.