Data Resolve Technologies is a fast growing young software product company in the area of Cyber Security and Cyber Intelligence and helps businesses secure their data from theft & loss along with business risk mitigation through security analytics of their award winning product - inDefend Business.

Data Resolve has thousands of footprints in their customers’ network in dozens of countries and is highly recommended for any medium size company’s management to assess the risk of their business through Cyber Intelligence and achieve global standard of data security.

“The Game Changers” – A national best seller published by Random House Publishing have covered the story of Data Resolve under top 20 extraordinary success stories from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

The core idea behind Dataresolve’s technology is to find out actionable business intelligence report by monitoring the exit routes of information from a computer like USB ports, CD-DVD drive, email, chat clients etc and secure the loss and theft of critical business data through customized access policies.