datarockets is a product development company consisting of 20 in-house developers working remotely from Canada and Eastern Europe. Founded in 2014, datarockets have developed 30+ high-quality and scalable custom applications and software for startups and medium-sized businesses. Besides development, datarockets consults entrepreneurs on product strategy and MVP building.

datarockets builds long term relationships with clients based on trust and honesty, which transitions product development into a fast, easy, and fun process.

datarockets works in different areas no matter if it’s a ridesharing service or a tool for personal growth. The main condition for us is to believe in the products we are working on. datarockets is passionate about working closely with clients and growing their businesses together.

Contact us if you are looking to build a startup from scratch or expand an existing team.

datarockets team will become a reliable partner for custom web and mobile development as well as product strategy and business analysis.

Web Application Development

We develop custom web applications and software that solve business problems, improve customer services, and automate business processes. By understanding the business problem in the first place, we determine technology choice, work approach, and development milestones.
  - Ruby on Rails
  - Node.js
  - React.js

Mobile development

Whether you need a native IOS, Android, or React Native app, datarockets will develop a product your users will love. We build custom mobile applications of any complexity for different business needs which are scalable in the future.
  - React Native
  - Java, Kotlin (Android)
  - Swift (iOS)

Product management

Over the last 5 years in the software development industry, besides actual product building, we have also been transferring our own ideas into product strategy, UX, and design. Our priorities are to understand a client’s business and help achieve their goals.
  - Product Strategy
  - Business Analysis
  - UX & UI

Development process highlights

1) We help to translate your business requirements into technical specifications and user stories. Based on them our engineers prepare detailed costs breakdown and time estimate.
2) We advise on your launch strategy and priorities for an MVP, based on our experience in the industry.
3) We allocate dedicated teams of software developers to work on your business requirements iteratively. No long-term commitment is required from your side.
4) We use Agile Development Methods and communicate every day to adapt to all changes quickly, so you don’t need to write long project specifications.
5) At the beginning of our partnership, we set up public communication channels, task management boards, planning calls, and daily standups to make all progress visible for everybody. With real-time task boards and public communication channels, you will be able to keep track of any updates and changes.
6) We automate routine work to deliver completed features immediately that saves your time and budget. During the development process, we take responsibility for code quality, to ensure flexibility to changes and scalability in the future.

Here we described our development process in details: https://datarockets.com/blog/transparent-development-process/