What is dateOften?

dateOften is a first-of-its-kind location-aware, interests and activities-based social dating app which brings real time dating to local singles; by leveraging daters ‘Social Interest graph’, all with the ease and convenience of their mobile smartphones. The innovative, easy-to-signup app uses Facebook, Foursquare login of a dater.

dateOften believes that a dater's choices, interests and activities; closely mirrors her evolving personality. dateOften app learns a dater’s choices, interests and activities from her, ‘Social Interest graph’. This information helps to build a dater’s true, rich-personality profile, which is presented to other dateOften singles. The profile representation is not static information, merely displayed by dots and pixels on a back-lit screen. In fact dateOften dater’s profile is dynamic, evolving and shows off her real interests and activities.
How does dateOften, social dating app work?

   Quickly connect using your Facebook, Foursquare login.
   You sketch your dynamic profile.
   You discover and explore your matches interests and activities.
   Admire your matches. Connect with them, send them a gift.
   Enchant your matches. Chat with them, ask out on a date.

Since it’s interests and activities-based, the social dating app delivers a superb foundation to dating singles. Using this social dating app, dating singles will better understand each other and really get to know each other; thus enriching their dating lives and dating relationships.

What can dateOften dating singles expect?

   Meaningful, concise profiles, approved with most recent photos.
   Active learning about your and your dates interests and activitis.
   Enjoy discovering and exploring your dates real interets and activities.
   Great way to meet dating singles in-person, who have similar interests.
   Introduce dates to friends, and get introduced to dates.
   Invite friends, and friends-of-friends discretely.

Many thanks to our awesome dating singles. Checkout dateOften on the app store. Share a review, let us know your thoughts.