Once The Organics Are For Everyone story..

upon a time, a young couple and their two small world travelers lived a long, long way from home. They fell in love with syrup from the fruit of the date palm in that far and distant land. It was delightful on pancakes and waffles. They baked with it in place of sugar and ate it straight off their fingers. Then, to share this sweet discovery with you, a company was born - and we suspect you'll love its sweet taste and goodness just as much as we did.. and do.

Back when civilization began, there was date syrup. Stone tablets containing the earliest documented recipes in existence portray this flowing fruit of the date palm as an essential sweetener in the ancient world. It was, and still is, a delectable, complex fruit syrup with a variety of uses and nutritional benefits.

Its uses are many. The syrup’s rich flavor makes for an ideal substitution to processed sugar in your favorite baking and cooking recipes. Use it also as a topping with anything that would normally go with honey or syrup. The benefits are also numerous. A mineral content including potassium, magnesium and iron, make this a great alternative to sweeten up recipes without adding sugar.

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