DatingRelating.com is the love, dating and relationship blog by Carla Lynne Hall. DatingRelating.com is a blog for women over 30, who are ready to do the inner work necessary to have an authentic and healthy romantic relationship. Carla is also the author of THE LOVE RESET: Why Men Pull Away, and How to Pull ‘Em Back, which is available on Amazon Kindle.

The DatingRelating.com blog has named February 15th as Love Reset Day. Founded by Carla Lynne Hall, this holiday happens the day after Valentine’s Day, when many women have a disappointing “Moment of Truth” about their romantic relationships. Their unmet expectations often inspires a “love reset”, which leads them on a journey of self-love.  

To celebrate Love Reset Day, Hall offers her Amazon Kindle book, The Love Reset for free annually from February 14-16th.