DSG is a specialized professional services firm.  We work with senior finance and corporate leaders providing unbiased advice in order to successfully operationalize strategy, generate profitable growth, fend off competition, reverse bad decisions and create compelling and enduring business models.  

We assist our clients become more resilient by transforming their organizational and operational complexities into valuable and actionable intelligence, encouraging better, faster decision making, improved productivity, collaboration, and an overall sustained performance improvement in all areas of the company. Our engagements range from strategy formulation, through people and process change, to the delivery and support of technology solutions. 

DSG Vision
To enable breakthrough and resilient growth at companies with the expert application of agile digital solutions and process reengineering

DSG Mission
 Our strategy is simple. Our execution is highly effective.  Our well-organized, highly specialized financial professionals work together, to evaluate and analyze your situation.  Then we develop a specific strategy targeted to your unique set of circumstances. Once a strategy is agreed upon, our professionals identify and recommend the opportunities, innovations, and products appropriate to help improve your financial position.  Innovative approaches to conserving and maximizing your returns are evaluated from a careful and balanced perspective developed through years of industry experience - with strict adherence to solid and established business fundamentals.  Our team collaborates with your leaders in recommending and obtaining buy-in to the solutions suggested.  

DSG Values
Fanatical devotion to customer service
Foster innovative thought leadership in all practice areas
Transparent, highly ethical and socially committed employee partners
Nurture and develop DSG's own assets -- its people
Strive toward attaining the Trusted Advisor status with its customers

DSG Positioning
Value Created, Protected and Returned