Daune Sheri offers an acute awareness to the discipline of portraiture.  She describes her work as emotive realism, characterized as a style of art evoking an emotional response by subtly stimulating a memory or mood.  

The artist's technique is based on a receptive thought process of familiarizing herself with every level of detail related to her portrait study before she applies medium to paper.  Through this absolute observation, she dramatically portrays sensitivity to the true structure and identity of her subject.  

Her studies are executed to their true potential, with the use of the traditional medium graphite pencil, colored pencil, pastel  and pen and ink.  Due to its intricate texture, each lend a heightened realistic approach, thus creating a visually strong rendition with the end result being an aesthetic fine detailed interpretation of the subject.
Intensely personal, the portrait images that define Daune Sheri's body of work directly depict the importance of "being".  Through self-expression, she exposes the profound sensibilities of life and impresses on the mind portraits that are both evocative and contemplative. The artist's authentic representations identify a fundamental truth that all things are parallel.  Her portraits are meant to engage the viewer's attention and haunt one's thoughts so as to allow them a glimpse beyond the surface of her subject.

Daune Sheri is a realist of portrait art alluding to an emotional perspective both in her compositional simplicity and her strength of purpose.