When I first started online I had a major problem – there was to much information and I was overwhelmed. I bet it happened to you too. And then I found a guy who said: “Stop buying advice and take action” and I thought: “Ok, but how do I take action without knowing what to do ?”, I mean I knew I needed a website, I knew I had to build a list of subscribers, but I had no clue on how to do it, so I decided to search the internet for a place where I could learn how to build my online business.
And I got lucky because I found Chris Farrell’s website and I started learning everything that I could from him, I read his book, I watched his “how to” videos and in 3 days I had my website up and running and I also had my auto responder set up so I could build my list of subscribers.
So far so good, but I knew I needed one more thing – traffic. And I was happy to see that Chris had tutorial videos on how to get traffic too, so I found everything that I needed to build my online business and I found it all in one place – you can’t beat that.
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Recent topics covered in detail in SUCCESS GRENADE include:
How to really make money online (from someone that is actually doing it) - the whole process explained step by step.    
How to create quality free gifts that will have your visitors scrambling for more.
How to source red hot products.
Why you need to know what an autoresponder is.
How exactly to take payments online.
How to create an opt in form for your webpage.
How to generate traffic to your site (techniques that actually work).
How to upload an eBook.
How to put video on your site.
How to create your own video message.
How to sell someone else's product.
Keywords - what they are and how to use them.
Written in non technical language - guaranteed!
Every week crammed full of helpful tips and tricks.
Plus...exclusive access to video tutorials, how-to articles and 1-on-1 help.

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