WESTERN novel, Scalp, has unique style and lovable characters
By Author David C. Dillon
August 26, 2013

Middletown, OH – New style western novel is written from the Indian’s point of view. A fresh new idea giving readers insights never before explored in a western.

The title, Scalp, written by Author David C. Dillon, captures the novel’s central theme and the action of the story. The story idea is unique. While there are lots of western books on the market right now, this manuscript takes a new and original take on the genre by focusing on a native hero. This is unusual for the genre and is a refreshing change.

The novel takes place in the west in the late 1880’s and captures that sense of imminent danger readers will expect from a western. The story transitions quickly from serene to danger throughout the novel. The author does a great job of infusing emotion into the story which helps readers connect with the characters at a deep level and make the readers root more fervently with the heroes.

The author has successfully crafted and interesting and important cast of characters. The character descriptions help give them depth and make them seem very real and lovable.

Author David C. Dillon spent many summers on the Pine Ridge Reservation visiting friends and family. This is his second book about Native Americans. Contact and more information about his books can be found on his web site at www.davidcdillon.us.