A rounded experienced business strategist who thrives on seeking improved performance through realistic and practical application of prioritising improvement based only on profit.

What does he do for you? Works with you to create enhanced competitiveness for your proposition and organisation.

Author of the new book for professional marketers and marketing: 'The Marketing Manifesto' and now publishing the new European Union project book from the 'futureSME initiative 'Competitive SME' the blueprint for competitiveness and marketing excellence for the small to medium sized enterprise' (publishing early 2013)

Has little time for 'the latest gizmo or three letter acronym' David is well know for his irreverence when it comes to brow beating to get profit realised and in taking no prisoners in those who exhibit disturbing tendencies towards cost-accounting based practises and self-defeatists whose mantra is 'lets do this because we can and because others are doing it'.

Has served on the UK's Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body and contributes to both the marketing and sales standards and is Community Director of Global Marketing Network Online and a member of the Global Marketing Network's Advisory Council.

Broad knowledge and experience of 'technologies' microbiology and health sciences, industrial chemistry, electronics and specialist engineering, environmental and safety instruments, IT and Ebusiness - and consulting and advising on business management and improvements to profit.