The origins of David Maison began with his great-grandfather, a successful entrepreneur who specialized in menswear design and manufacturing in Cuba with stores in Havana and Santiago de Cuba. In 1959 the company was forced to go underground as Castro nationalized and shut down all privately own corporations. Maison Couture keeps selling their collections to private clients out of their prestigious El Vedado and el Prado locations in the Heart of Havana for another 40 years, Maison Couture ventured into the production of accessories and shoe design and famous for the fantastic quality of craftsmanship. Born in the trade, in 1981, Cuban-American designer David Maison, inspired by his grandmother, pursued a career in womenswear design and gained notoriety through his made to measure work. In 2001, he decided to open a store in the United States, and by 2011, he opened another boutique, this one at the exclusive world destination of Worth Avenue, Palm Beach. “Everyone called me crazy,” says David Maison, “I just call myself a man with a purpose, to make everyone look and feel international and what better place to do that than in Palm Beach.” Around that time, Mr. Maison released "Habana to Paris," a unique line of made to measure apparel for women and man who loved a more classic look with a modern twist. Mr. Maison loves storytelling through his garments; he will typically say: "we don't believe in fashion, we live fashion." he is truly a visionary who got his professional start at the early age of ten.

David Maison Havana to Paris Collection
If asked why he doesn't believe in trends he'll typically say " Fashion is an Art, so I mean I do fashion, but as a way to express myself. For us, our team and our clients, it’s like creating a Work of Art. We love making everyone's dreams come true and help them become not just amazing, but extraordinaire. That's why we don’t just jump on to every trend. We believe in style; style is inherent, it is within you, it’s a lifestyle, style lasts forever." With two local workrooms in Florida and one in New York, he prides on their ability to offer the fastest timeline for made to measure American manufactured garments in the industry. David Maison Haute Couture boutique is located at 323 Worth Ave, Suite 5 Palm Beach, Florida. Through his unique vision, Mr. Maison’s shoe collection, accessories, and apparel has stood on its own, pleasing a very exclusive clientele. when everything is said and done, in his own words, he'll say: "at David Maison couture we believe in “Better Fittings and Better Styles.”
DAVID MAISON COUTURE / 323 Worth Ave, Suite 5 / Palm Beach, Fl 33480
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