David Orth Real Wealth Pty Ltd Scams are everywhere. It is important for investors to be able to identify a scam before they get ripped off.

David Orth Real Wealth Pty Ltd commented today that there are numerous tell-tale signs.

Guaranteed returns. I’ve seen time after time people getting sucked in by greed. Guaranteed high returns – 5,6,7% PER MONTH are an obvious sign. If any firm could guarantee these sorts of returns 1 they would not be talking to an everyday investor and 2, why would they be chasing you for your money? Its all nonsense that’s why.

David Orth Real Wealth Pty Ltd Continued: Unlicensed or They promote their Australian Business Number (ABN) . Every company operating must have an ABN. Your local gym, the pet store all have ABNs. Just because a company has an ABN does not mean they are allowed to give financial advice or offer a financial product. If you are talking to a company that is proudly promoting their “ABN” run for the hills. It is a known ploy to try and add credibility to an unsuspecting investor.

David Orth Real Wealth Pty Ltd Continued:  Are their returns longer than the company has been established? If you are investigating a company and they are showing you a track record of multiple years, but the company was only registered 1 year ago – where did those returns come from? Chances are they are either made up or hypothetical returns. Both of which should be avoided.

Real Wealth Pty Ltd scams often use a serviced office. Try putting their office address in google. If 12 other companies all show up with the same address you know it’s a serviced office and no one really works there.  Why hide your address?

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